The Jedenact 2014 – Milan Lutonsky

Milan Lutonsky
Position: Left-midfield
Club: Zbrojovka Brno
D.O.B: 06.09.1993

Why he’s here

In the latter half of 2013 Milan Lutonsky struggled with niggling injuries that hampered his progression and yet he still put in a handful of performances that made him stand out from the crowd. Raw and inconsistent he was something of a vanity pick, but he also represented somebody who is real game changer for Zbrojovka Brno.

The past year has been…

…poor, to say the least.

People questioned Lutonsky’s inclusion and twelve months later those criticising voices can feel safe in the knowledge that they were right. 2014 has been pretty much a complete let down: He’s the only member of the original list whose market value – according to Transfermarkt – has dropped over the past twelve months.

He’s in what should be a great environment to learn and improve. His manager, Vaclav Kotal, is a known tactician and has a good track record of bringing through and moulding talented youngsters and Brno’s academy has produced a number of top level players recently. However despite this, Lutonsky has taken a step or two backwards whilst those around him appear to be consuming themselves with indifference.

It’s been a year to forget.

The Good

When fit the twenty-one-year-old has featured regularly, typically as a wide-midfielder or wing-back. During 2014, he has made nineteen appearances in the league and a handful more in the cup, appears to be one of Kotal’s favourites and tends to do a lot of running (admittedly a prerequisite for his position).

The Bad

When fit the twenty-one-year-old has featured regularly, typically as a wide-midfielder or wing-back. During 2014, he has made nineteen appearances in the league and a handful more in the cup but hasn’t really taken any game by the scruff of its neck and changed it.

Since the beginning of this season, a cloud has appeared over the Brno team and nobody really seems that bothered to do anything about it. Rather annoyingly it’s a direct contradiction with how this squad finished last season.

Flittering in and out of the first eleven Lutonsky, admittedly, played some role in Brno’s positive spring form as the Moravian club ended up on the losing side only four times in fourteen games, squeezing themselves into the semi-finals of the Czech Cup in the process. But by the time the 2014-15 campaign came around, all that positivity had vanished. and from the outset, it appears that Kotal’s tactical demands has completely lost an already languid dressing room. Results have been hard to come by and even with an attacking game-plan the majority of players look disinterested and disenfranchised – my own experience of seeing Brno live was not a great one.

Somewhere lurking inside Milan Lutonsky is a good footballer but he hasn’t shown it far enough for my liking. There has been the odd occasion when he has played like a man possessed and caused countless problems down the left, with the game against Viktoria Plzen at Srbska being a recent example. Then, after clumsily giving away a penalty, he responded by causing panic in the Plzen back-line by powering in off the channel and his tubthumping thunderbolt goal was no less than he deserved.

The week after he regressed back to the mean.

The future

Milan Lutonsky needs to decide if he’s willing and able to step up and make a difference, or if he’s happy with how things are at the moment. If it’s the latter then he’ll probably carve out an unspectacular career towards the lower reaches of the Synot Liga. If he opts for the former, then who knows what he can achieve, but it’ll be better than what’s on offer now.

The beleaguered supporters of Brno have already tasted relegation once in the not too distant past and demotion to the second tier of football isn’t out of the question at this moment in time. If the worst does happen and Lutonsky doesn’t improve, then 2015 could see him end the calendar year on the fields of Trinec, Usti nad Labem and Varnsdorf. Obviously, that would be a real shame.


  • Posted by Chris Boothroyd
  • On 4th January 2015
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