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The 11 for 2017

It’s that time of the year again.

Just before the league season returns from its customary winter slumber, this website publishes a list of eleven names; names that I feel are the most exciting youngsters to play their football in the Czech Republic (or Czechia, if you prefer). And here they are

The 11 for 2016 - Reviewed

Patrik Schick soared and sealed a moved to Sampdoria and Vyacheslav Karavaev proved beyond all doubt he’s one of the best there is – not just in his age group but in all of the Czech Republic. However, others failed to hit the heights we hoped they would reach, namely Aleš Matějů and Tomáš Souček, whose career has gone off the boil since Jaroslav Šilhavý took over at Eden.

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